Health Kinesiology
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What is Health Kinesiology

Kinesiology therapy and Health Kinesiology is a holistic approach to personal development, health and wellbeing. Kinesiology therapy and Health Kinesiology is able to access the subconscious mind using neurological feedback or muscle testing to restore energy circuits bringing about health and wellbeing.


Health Kinesiology opens up energy circuits that have been blown out from life stress and circumstances and uses customised and unique techniques that YOU pick through muscle testing to restore those energy circuit.


Imagine a fuse box with blown circuits and how a simple flick of the switch brings back the circuit. That is how muscle testing works. A blown out circuit represents an overload on the fuse box just as a weak muscle response represents a blown out circuit on our energy system. The energy system is restored just like flicking that fuse box switch.


Kinesiologists flick switches that help your body reconnect to be able to heal itself!

Health Kinesiology Trainer of the year with award

I’ve won!
Tutor of the Year award from FHT. Thank you for nominating me and thank you for choosing me. Here’s me with the award. ┬áIt just made my day when I heard the news!

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What can Health Kinesiology Treat?

The focus is to allow the energy circuits to work at its optimum to enhance health and wellbeing.

People seek this Kinesiology treatment when their health is failing as well as to:

  • Enhanced learning abilities
  • Improved sports performance
  • Eliminating emotional, physical and mental stress
  • Assisting with decision-making
  • Overcoming past trauma
  • Identifying nutritional excess or deficiency
  • Aiding in muscle injury healing
  • Releasing fears and phobias

How does it work?

Founded on Eastern medicine and Western understanding of anatomy, Health Kinesiology uses the theory that at some deep unconscious level, your body knows exactly what it needs to be health.


“Kinesiology enables you to bypass your conscious mind to isolate causal factors in your subconscious. In other words, it lets your body do the talking”.


The idea is that a muscle can identify where energy is blocked and what is needed to unblock the energy using specific Health Kinesiology proven techniques.

About Franky Kossy

Franky Kossy akfrp afht, is a qualified Health Kinesiologist and a registered member of both the Kinesiology Federation and the Federation of Holistic Therapists.


I am a millennium reinvention! After a successful career in accounting I decided that it was time to explore another side of life and I started training as a Health Kinesiologist much to the horror of my family and friends.


I have never looked back and enjoy working in London’s Harley St for over 10 years where I facilitate change through the tools of Kinesiology. I moved to London in 1996 and shortly after started studying Health Kinesiology and immediately knew it would be my new career path. I have had the privilege of studying under the tutoridge of the founder of Health Kinesiology Dr Jimmy Scott which has given me a deeper insite into energy work.